Thursday, August 6, 2015

Label all the things!

I actually did this awhile ago but haven't blogged about it yet. Way back here I blogged that I wanted to redo the label on my son's Christmas gift and put a label on his first birthday gift. Well I finally got around to it about a year ago.

All 4 designs on an 8"x8" sample
When I made the label for Joseph's pinwheel quilt I also made labels for 3 other quilts. I printed all 4 labels on a 8" x 8" sample from Spoonflower using the Kona option as the base fabric. And I have to say, they are holding up very well!

The first two you haven't seen yet, they are for his Christmas and first birthday presents.

Alex's train mat label
Alex's first birthday quilt label
These next two you have already seen but here they are again.

Joseph's pinwheel memory quilt
My sister's Christmas gift

I also used Spoonflower to make labels for Grandpa's memory quilt and the shirt pillows. In this case I printed a single design on a fat quarter to have enough for everything.

Shirt pillows
Grandpa's memory quilt

I love working with Spoonflower. It's so easy to create a label and have it printed on quality fabric that will last through lots of washings. With all the quilts I am working on and written down on my 'someday must sew' list, I will definitely be using Spoonflower to create special labels for each of them.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed on this post are my own. I was not paid to write this review, this is just simply me wanting to pass along some good information.

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