Thursday, March 24, 2011

Alexander's Quilt

My son turned one in February and I wanted to give him something special for his very first birthday. I decided to make him a quilt when I found this adorable sailor puppy fabric and a matching anchor fabric at Joann's Fabrics. My husband was in the Navy and I was able to talk him into letting me use a few of his patches and cut up one of his old uniform shirts. This particular shirt was very sentimental to him, as it's been with him since boot camp and to him it represents his time in the military. The other fabrics I used were either fat quarters I found that fit the theme and some adorable sailboats I found on eBay along with a NWU top I bought at a thrift store. All in all, it turned out great for my first quilt but the best part is that my son loves to snuggle in it. Can't ask for anything more.

The fabric I used on the back is called "Rain Spots" and I believe it's from Alexander Henry. I got really lucky the day I found it, it has all the colors of the quilt in it and I haven't seen it in store since.

Update // You can see the quilt label I added here

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