Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Farmer's Wife and a Birthday

Here are my Farmer's Wife 1930s blocks. I had them all cut out and ready to go last Wednesday but I didn't get around to sewing them until yesterday. A pesky little thing called my birthday got in the way. ;)
#12 Becky
#8 Aunt
#16 Bonnie
I also thought I'd share with you how I'm keeping all my fabrics organized.
I got 3 plastic shoeboxes from Walmart. The top is for completed blocks, the middle for Bella Solids and the bottom for Fig Tree.

The Bella solids are organized even further. I put all scraps into plastic bags labeled with the color name and number. I wrote the name and number on the selvage of the larger pieces and I'm cutting from the opposite end of where I wrote.

Here are the solids I have so far:
Fig Tree Cream 9900-67
Sienna 9900-194
Tan 9900-13
Fig Tree Olive 9900-69
Celery 9900-72
Mist 9900-37
Coral 9900-147
Butterscotch 9900-36
Ruby Ice 9900-169

I kept all the layer cake and charm pack tags, simply taping them to the inside of the box. I couldn't bear throwing them out! :)
Here's one more layer cake that's going to be added into this quilt, Fig Tree's newest collection Strawberry Fields Revisited! It doesn't come out until January 2016 but I was able to find a fellow Fig Tree lover on Instagram with extra. It's a birthday gift to myself. :)
Speaking of which, here is an in progress shot of my birthday gift - my own quilt ladder! My husband and son built it for me. It just needs another coat or two of stain and then it's all done! I can't wait to hang my quilts on it. :)

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