Sunday, October 25, 2015

Farmer's Wife 1930s: 8 blocks down

I'm already behind! That didn't take long did it? ;) I put off doing Belle and Old Maid simply because I'm not sure if I want to piece them the way the book shows (Y seams and all!) or if I want to piece them differently. I have the measurements for both, it's just a matter of me deciding now. Hopefully I will get them done soon so I can be caught up. But here are the other 3 ladies, for a total of 8 blocks completed.

#24 Coral

#49 Katherine

#94 Susannah
I recently put together my binder organizing my blocks. I printed off all the diagrams and the cutting instructions along with the cover page and put them into a binder. I have a little video up on my Instagram that shows me flipping through the pages.
The cover page lists my start date (with spaces for when the top is finished and then when it's quilted and bound) along with all the fabrics I'm using in this quilt.
All the block diagrams along with any notes are in sheet protectors. The colored in blocks are those that are already finished. I originally was going to have everything spiral bound, but I like the ability to take out an individual block diagram. I end up cutting fabric for 2-3 blocks at a time and I use the diagrams to sort and separate the cut pieces. But I think when I am finished piecing the top together I will get everything spiral bound and keep as a memento. Then I can use this binder for the original Farmer's Wife quilt! :)

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