Friday, June 24, 2016

Hand stitching while I wait

We had a cross country move at the end of April and the last stitch I made with a sewing machine was for my dad's quilt. Since then I've been doing a bit of hand stitching until the room where my machine will go is painted. I've been working on my cross stitch cottages of the month. After seeing others on Instagram I got the itch to finish what I started. I finally finished May (only took a year!) and moved on to August. I plan on doing a few changes to August. I already ordered the next two I'll be working on, July and September, and I'm really excited to keep going. These cottages are so cute.

For embroidery, after I got my summer pattern done and framed (I got it framed right before we moved) I started working on the winter pattern. I'm hoping to have it done by the end of winter but we'll see. It took a year to get summer done so eh...I'm not holding my breath. ;) I already purchased the spring and fall patterns so I'll be able to start on them whenever I get done with winter.
I'm hoping my sewing machine will be set up soon because I've been feeling the itch to sit at my machine again. My poor Farmer's Wife has been calling to me and I really want to get back to it. And I finally found a backing for my son's twin size quilt so I really want to get that one finished as well.

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