Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Embroidery Floss Organization

I thought I'd share with you what I've been doing for my growing floss stash, in case you need to organize too. :)

When I first started out I used cardboard labels but I've found they aren't very good for long term storage. That's when I switched to plastic bobbins. The DMC brand is pretty expensive and to be honest, not all that  great. I've found that my floss unravels easier because the little slits are not very tight. I ended up buying 250 generic plastic bobbins for around $5 from here and I like them so much better. The slits are smaller which means the floss stays put. I've been putting all new floss on the plastic bobbins and I'm slowly switching over the floss on cardboard.

I originally bought the little DMC number sticker labels when I was using cardboard bobbins, but I've found that they don't stay very well on the plastic. Can't have a number label go missing when working on a project! You could of course write it on with a fine point permanent marker but I liked the look of the printed numbers. So I've been using my label maker to type up the numbers. If you want to do the same here's a few tips:
- Use the label tape that is plastic coated, the paper tape will smudge over time. It comes in white or clear, either color will work.
- I use the smallest font size possible. It's actually the same size as the DMC stickers.
- Between each number I put 4 spaces to allow for cutting and trimming.
- I do large batches of labels at a time to not waste any tape. I keep typing numbers until the machine tells me it can't fit any more, then I print.
- After the numbers are printed and trimmed I put them on the bobbins right away so I don't lose anything. Then whenever I have a few minutes I wind up the floss on its corresponding bobbin. It will take me a few days to get through a big stack but since it's mindless work it can be done while watching a movie.

I originally had 2 plastic bobbin cases that can be found at any craft store. But I needed more space and I didn't like the idea of having stacks of these cases. But I'm so glad to have come across some fellow stitchers on Instagram who get just as excited over organization as I do. I saw someone's stash in this double sided case on their Instagram and knew that was the answer. Apparently it can hold the entire collection of DMC floss (#stashgoals ;) ) You can find the case on Amazon for $15 but I recently found this case at my local Meijers on sale for $6.50!! I may have squealed and done a little happy dance in the craft aisle. So if you happen to have a store in your area, hop on over there and get yourself one. I've barely filled one side, so there's definitely some room to grow.

Hope this helps some of my fellow stitchers out. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. :)

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