Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Some exciting things are happening in our neck of the woods that's caused me to re-evaluate my 2016 goals. I'm going to have to seriously whittle it down if I'm going to save my sanity over the next few months.

So here were my original 2016 quilt goals:
1. Mom's quilt
2. Winter Wonderland BOW
3. Holly's Tree Farm BOM
4. Gavin's quilt
5. Logan's quilt
6. Winterberry Stars
7. Strawberry Fields Revisited granny squares
8. 1930s Farmer's Wife
9. Re-quilt Fair Isle
10. Alex's twin size quilt

And if you remember, my original goal for the 2016 first quarter finish along was to get my Winterberry Stars and my son's twin size quilts completely done. I had to seriously look at my list and re-prioritize some things.

Here's my new list:
1. Alex's twin size quilt - completely finished and washed
2. Feed Company BOM - completely finished and washed
3. Dad's jelly roll race - completely finished and gifted

These 3 are top priority and need to be done in the next month. Everything else can wait until the dust settles. When that happens I'll do another re-evaluation and see what's next on my to-do list. Most are almost done anyways, it's just a matter of quilting and binding. In fact my Feed Company is getting custom long arm quilted as we speak. Check out my Instagram feed for pictures. It's turning out beautiful and I'll definitely blog more about it when it's done.

2016 FAL

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