Saturday, August 20, 2011

On my To Do List

My son is now 18 months older and is very intelligent, he comprehends pretty much everything we teach him. So I've been wanting to get some little books on numbers, letters, shapes and colors but I want them to be soft (he had a tendency to shove everything in his mouth and I need these books to hold up). Well what do you know, I found myself some books that are so cute and made of soft materials to boot!

Everyday Celebrations has a number of quiet books, but these two I'm definitely going to do. And I plan on using a similar format for the shapes books.

The ABC book isn't soft, but it's still so cute and really simple. No sewing involved!

Something else on my to do list is an advent calendar and I just love the ones she has on her blog for all the holidays. I'm definitely planning on doing the Christmas one, and I'm thinking of doing the Thanksgiving one as well. Plus I want to get the cards that go with it, I think it's such a neat idea instead of putting candy in each pocket.

I've really fallen hard for this blog - I just love everything she has posted so far! So check her out for things to do for your kiddos. :)

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