Monday, May 23, 2011

Loving the Maxi Dress

So right now I'm currently obsessed with maxi dresses, thanks in large part to the warmer weather. Don't know what a maxi dress is? Well, it is the name given to a dress that is very long (touching the floor for some people while others it hits the ankles but usually nothing shorter than that) and most brands have at least one in their summer collection.

I found two at Ross that are actually long enough to fit my 5"9 frame. But for the most part it's very hard to find dresses that are at least ankle length on me. So I decided to make one myself, that way I can get it the perfect length.

So I found the above pattern for $3 at Joann's and the fabric I believe was $7.99 a yard. I am so excited to get started and see how this dress turns out! I'll keep you all posted with the results. :)

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