Saturday, November 7, 2015

Christmas sewing and a binding kit

Things have been busy around here. There's a big change going on over here that made me plunge head first into Christmas sewing. So a lot of my spare time has been focused on embroidering and sewing presents. But I did get something finished that's for me, a binding kit. :)

 Back when I finished my niece's baby quilt, I had a bunch of blocks leftover. I saved them specifically so I could make her a matching doll quilt. I even had enough of the same binding!
 The only new fabric I bought was a fat quarter of this Aneela Hoey print from her Hello Petal collection. Since my niece's baby quilt had fussy cuts of little girls, I wanted to include little girls in her doll quilt. I love this print showing the steps to a cartwheel (or is it a headstand?).
I used a bit of my vintage binding tape to create a label for this and I included the adorable "PS I love you" tag. I did the binding by machine and it's not perfect (don't look at the corners!) but I doubt she'll care. She's getting a doll for Christmas so I thought it was the perfect time to make her a doll quilt. I love she likes it.

I decided to make myself a Goody Goody Binding kit (tutorial here). I had all the pieces cut and the majority of the sewing done, but had to stop when I needed wool felt for the needle patch. But I finally finished it up this past week.
 I found the bright and happy fabrics at my local quilt shop. I thought they were so cute and just perfect for this binding kit.
 The Sweetwater fabric I used on the right pocket is a little too cream but I love how it has quilt block names on it, so I had to include it.

 I stitched a ribbon just above the scissor pouch so I wouldn't lose the scissors. I plan on buying a small pair to keep solely for this kit.
Earlier this year a quilting magazine had turquoise binding clips with it as a free gift. You better believe I snatched it right up! ;) They are going to live in the binding kit permanently and  my red ones will be added as needed.

I have everything all set up to stitch the binding on my fair isle quilt, which is due back from the long arm qulters today. :) I can't wait to show you the quilting.

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