Tuesday, June 2, 2015


I've been working on this embroidery for over a year now. Split stitch is not my favorite and that's what the pattern called for. So I ended up putting it down for a long time because of that. But I recently picked it back up after realizing that I didn't have to follow the pattern to the tee. Kind of a "duh!" moment. :) So now it's back on track and filling in nicely. The only split stitch you will see is on the quilt's outline, the hair (both mom and son) and possibly on the word 'blessed'. Haven't decided on that yet. I hope it have it done soon as the Holly's Tree Farm block of the month will be starting this month.

The pattern is Blessed by Sarah Jane Studios found here or here
Her patterns are so cute, I plan on purchasing a few more in the future.

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