Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Maxi Dress -- Nearly Done

After a year plus of just plain procrastinating my maxi dress that I mentioned way back here is nearly done! To be honest, this project has taken so long because it was really intimidating.

My first hurdle was the bodice. I got the top portion done no problem but when it came time to attach the band I could not get it to lay right. So I stopped and put it away, thinking I would come back to it with fresh eyes a little later. Yeah, um...so a year and some change is still qualified as later right?

Well this past spring I pulled it out again, hoping I could get it done in time for summer but that didn't happen. But the good news, I got over the first hurdle! :) But after that was another set back and it wasn't until just recently that I pulled it out again to fix my mistakes and get it to the point it's at now.

Take a look. :)

The dress nearly complete - just need to hem the bottom and add the zipper

See that little pointy part on the band? That was the first hurdle

I did french seams on both the outer and lining fabric - no raw edges!

French seams just look so much prettier - it's my new favorite way to finish seams

Didn't want raw edges so made my own bias tape for the seam where the bodice attaches to the skirt

All that is left is the zipper -- my next hurdle!
I think I figured out how to get the zipper in there but it's being a big pain. The original pattern didn't call for a lining for the skirt (only the bodice) but because the outer fabric is slightly see-through for me I added a lining in a cream, unbleached muslin. Only downside is that it's another piece of fabric I gotta sew to the zipper and it makes the dress overall a bit heavier than I envisioned. But I'm hoping that when I hem up the lining to above the knee it won't be as heavy as it is now. Also, when I started this dress last year I was 15 pounds heavier. So now I have to take in the bodice to fit me again. But that's another hurdle that's intimidating me so I may just give up and let someone else do that part. haha We'll see, my mom has a seamstress friend that may be able to help me navigate alterations. I'll keep you posted with the final result!

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