Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Before & After: Vintage Sewing Desk

Remember that sewing desk from almost a year ago? Well, it's finally out of the garage! :)

{click to enlarge}
 I used the Rustoleum Furniture Transformations kit in Winter Fog for the desk. My husband was so nice and painted it for me. We only had enough for the exterior, both sides of the doors and their shelves. The interior we just gave a good cleaning and left it unpainted. We did need more paint for touch ups so I brought one of the shelves to get it color matched and then got a sample size in a flat finish. It's a teeny bit lighter but you'd never notice unless I point it out.

I found the prettiest blue glass knobs at Hobby Lobby and waited until they were half off to purchase four of them. All the other hardware is original and unpainted. I purposely did that because the new knobs had some brass on them so they matched the original hardware. My husband had to jimmy rig them a bit because of the free arm movement, but he made it possible. Just don't look inside. :)

 The thread racks were discolored so they got a few coats of aqua spray paint to freshen them up. It turned out to be an almost exact color match to the blue knobs. Makes me smile whenever I open the doors. :)

All that's left is to get my Singer 403A oiled up and then bolt it in.
Whoever owned this desk before definitely made good use of it. When I was cleaning it out prior to painting I found pins, needles, bobbins, thread, buttons, and velcro. I hope I make good use of it as much as its' previous owner. I can't wait to sew on it.

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