Thursday, November 3, 2011

Saben's Quilt

One of my best girlfriends had a little boy one week before I had my son. He was born 10 weeks early and he is a fighter. He is extremely intelligent and one day he is going to be a wonderful man, father and husband because of his wonderful mother.

On his first birthday I promised that I would make him a quilt but life got in the way and now here we are, roughly 4 months until he (and my baby) are two! So with a little help from Mom, I created a quilt just for him with all of his favorite things on it. I hope they both like it. :)

This is only my second time appliqueing, the corners are still pretty tough on me. But I'm learning so much and getting better with each one. :) Of course, I had to add a few little tags. Mommas like to know how to wash their baby's things so I added a little washing tag and another marking the occasion.

This quilt is a part of theBloggers' Quilt Festival! Check out the others here:


  1. What a precious quilt for such a special little guy.

  2. This is a case of way better late than never - what a great quilt!

  3. So cute! I love your little tag. :)