Saturday, July 9, 2011

Betty's Quilt - almost done!

Betty's quilt is turning out beautiful! I found the happiest fabric for the back of the quilt and a beautiful coordinating turquoise fabric for the binding. The front of the quilt is a plain white cotton, which is fine since there are so many colorful fabrics that were donated.

I even made a hand made label with the washing instructions on the back of it. The front was hand embroidered by me, I had my mom write the washing instructions since she has pretty handwriting.

I used a zig zag stitch for the binding, my first time using a decorative stitch on binding. I ended up having to redo some spots but it turned out great. I love the look of it, I'm even thinking of redoing the binding on Alex's quilt.

I was able to print out all the photos tonight on the special fabric. I'm going to give them 24 hours to dry before attaching them to the fabric and then sewing it all on the quilt.

The quilt is turning out fantastic!! I can't wait to get the photos on the quilt and see the finished product. She's going to love this. :)

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